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March 19 - June 20, 2019
Global Reciprocity Course
See the last 10,000 years of human history through the lenses of reciprocity and community! We envision this course as a way for leaders, educators, and the general public to gain a deeper understanding of the Long View of History and the roots of our current world problems.
June 28 - June 30, 2019
Social Movement Ecology Training
This training will introduce participants to the concepts of movement ecology and seasonality. The training will cover the basics of theories of social change and strategy, with the goal of helping participants find their role and timing within social movements. We will also explore the common barriers and opportunities for major collaborations.
September - December, 2019
Advanced Movement Ecology
We believe that by creating awareness of social movement ecology and potential collaborations, it is possible to increase strategic capacity and organize the social movement ecology to create real social change. 
August 13th
Funding Social Movements Webinar
We are excited to be having a a conversation with some of the authors of the Funding Social Movements Guide. The Guide is a resource for movement leaders and philanthropists to understand and support mass protest movements.

You can download the guide here.

We will be having a 45 min presentation on the guide and 45 min for Q&A with the authors.

August 30th
The Secret Code of Machu Picchu
Come join Zadir Milla, author of the Secret Code of Machu Picchu. Are you interested in visiting Machu Picchu and truly see the gift of the ancestors? Then this event is for you.
September 1st-6th
Andean Design & Art Workshop
Spend 6 days focused on Andean Cosmovision & Design with Zadir Milla Euribe. Zadir is an author, designer and teacher specializing in applied Andean semiotics (study of signs and symbols). Come and deepen your understanding of what is Andean and apply what you learn with the guidance of a teacher.
September - November
The Seeds of Memory Leadership Program
We are excited to start our first cohort on reciprocal leadership. If you are interested in learning about your ancestral history, reclaim your identity and regain your relationship with mother earth, this 10 week program is for you.
October 1st-6th
Organizing & Leadership Intensive Training
The purpose of this training is to support new and mid-level organizers to gain the necessary skills to be successful in their first and subsequent cycles of organizing campaigns.
November 10th-14th
Amazonian Healers Training
Come join Amazonian leader and healer Alberto Manqueriapa in an intensive 5-day training about the Amazonian cosmovision and their sacred tradition of healing.