We are excited to announce several new and continuing programs for Spring 2019


To view our full calendar of events for 2019, please click here.

Seeds of Memory Leadership Program

The Seeds Program supports local community members in understanding their relationships with ancestors, community, and ecology through meaningful dialogue and engaging activities.


Global Reciprocity Course


We envision this course as a way for leaders, educators, and the general public to gain a deeper understanding of the Long View of History and the roots of our current world problems.


Ayni Wasi


Our Ayni store has been revamped and is now named Ayni Wasi which means Home of Reciprocity. The relaunch of the store stems from our mission to provide support to projects that develop indigenous educational materials.


2018 In Review

This past year we have been working hard to engage and support individuals, communities, and projects that are moving our world towards more reciprocity. Through the guidance of our elders and the support of our community, we have been able to develop and launch several new programs throughout 2018.


In April we brought four of our elders together to host the first Yachay Seminar. Jose Huaman, Alejandrina Calancha, Alberto Manqueriapa, and Zadir Milla taught us about reciprocity, community, and the experiences and wisdoms of indigenous communities in Latin America. Read more about our Yachay Seminar here.

The seminar was followed by the Yachay Tour which included several community dialogues and presentations across MA, CT, NY, and NJ.

In April we premiered Voices That Heal, the third film in The Mysteries of the Andes documentary series. The purpose of the film is to delve deeply and understand the worldviews, struggles, and communal healing practices of four indigenous communities in the Southeast Amazon of Peru. This film was directed by Jose Huaman and produced by Alejandrina Calancha in collaboration with Andes Imagen, PHUTU, and the Ayni Institute.

The premiere included an extended tour with Director Jose Huaman in August at the 11th annual Boston GreenFest and the Elebash Recital Center in Manhattan.

This September we spent six days learning and developing projects as part of our Andean Cosmovision & Design training with our elder Zadir Milla. We studied Andean design theory, we learned about duality and double-duality in symbols and colors, we painted the local park with our flower and seed-filled ritual table, and we explored toqapus (Andean geometric designs) with our colored pencils.

Each step we took throughout the six days supported us to design and begin to create our own projects based on a harmonious vision of the universe. From interactive digital books to artisanry (clay pots, bookcases, shoe racks, carts, etc.) and organizing projects (on housing, immigration and the environment), we used what we learned to come up with designs that would support the needs of our communities.

During the first week of October we hosted 40 young and mid-level organizers from around the country to support them in their organizing development. The first two days of the training focused on taking participants through an internal process of reflecting on their own leadership choices and capacities, as well as conceptual processes of understanding the basic foundations within the tradition of community organizing. After these processes had been established, we used four full days to develop the practical skills that would support participants in their current organizing campaigns.

The Seeds of Reciprocity Program supported 20 local members of the Greater Boston community in learning about, developing, and recovering their personal and communal relationships with Mother Earth, their ancestors, and their community. Participants met once a week for nine weeks from September 22nd to November 17th.

During the month of October we welcomed two new additions to the Ayni Team. We welcomed Becca Kranz as Writing and Research Associate and Veronica Lopez Gamboa as the new Memory Team Organizer. Becca will be taking leadership in developing and publishing new visionary content centered around movements, historical analysis, and more. Meanwhile, Veronica will be coordinating our new store, Ayni Wasi, and working alongside Fhatima and Rodrigo to continue expanding the Memory Program and Memory Fund

This November we invited Alberto Manqueriapa, our elder and indigenous community leader from the Santa Rosa de Huacaria Community in the Southeast Amazon of Peru. Don Alberto comes from two Amazonian cultures, Machiguenga and Huachipaeri, and he continues the healing traditions of his ancestors. He knows the use of over 2000 plants in the Amazon and uses Icaros (sacred chants) to invoke the spirit of the plants to heal others.

During the Yachay Seminar, Alberto identified a deeper need for healing and tasked us with finding healers that could learn some of the traditions of his community. During the five day training we learned about the four energies of the universe and our place in the Amazonian cosmovision, the five levels of the body, major critiques of modern healing, and how we can implement healing here.

During November we revamped and relaunched our Ayni Store, which is now called Ayni Wasi, or Home of Reciprocity. Ayni Wasi is guided by a vision of Ayni, Minka, and Ayllu – reciprocity, collective work, and community. All of the products are meant to help us remember and restore the values of our indigenous ancestors and lead us to a more reciprocal world. Through the support of the community, we are able to provide resources directly to projects that preserve the traditions, beliefs and cultures of indigenous communities.