The Ayni Institute will be bridging together two nations as we host events to immerse participants in art, culture and wisdom of indigenous communities of the Andes and Amazon of Peru.

Boston University, Photonics Center
8 St. Mary’s Street

Thurs & Fri, April 19-20th: 2-8:30pm                Sat, April 21st: 11am-8pm


Our Guests

Alberto Manqueriapa Vitente

Chief & Healing Elder of the Huachipaeri community in the Amazon of Peru
One of the protagonists of Voices That Heal, a documentary about four different Amazonic villages in Peru – their healing practices, their values, beliefs, and their languages, which are on the verge of extinction. He has in-depth knowledge of medicinal plants of the Peruvian Amazon and has extensive experience in healing spiritual and physical ailments.


José Huaman Turpo

Director, Photographer, Producer in Cusco, Peru
He is an indigenous filmmaker from Peru with over 30 years of experience in all areas of production – from assisting with props, lighting, sound, and camera to directing and photographing – and has extensive experience in research and filmmaking. He focuses on making ethnographic documentaries which express the memory, legacy, knowledge and collective imagination of indigenous communities. He is also Director of The Mysteries of the Andes series.

Alejandrina Calancha Monge

Producer, Quechua Radio Show Host in Cusco, Peru
She is of Quechua origin and has academic training in Social and Linguistic Communication from the University of San Antonio in Cusco. In the 90s she was dedicated to radio journalism and still continues to host her own program in Quechua. In 2005, she began working alongside Jose through translating, editing and producing documentaries. She is also Producer of The Mysteries of the Andes series.

Zadir Milla Euribe

Professor, Artist & Author in Lima, Peru
He has immense knowledge about Andean symbols, architecture and megalithic art and will share with us the knowledge in his two books “The Wira Qocha Code” (2001) and his most recent release, “The Secret Code of Machu Picchu” (2017).


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The Workshops

Find a more detailed tentative Program here.

– The Andean People Post Colonialism
– The Importance of Rituals & Collective Work
– Machu Picchu: What can one of the 7 wonders of the world teach us about life?
– Amazonian Healing in Peru: What is the Amazonian way of life?
– Medicines & Sacred Plants in the Amazon
– From the Amazon to the Andes
– Voices That Heal – find details on the documentary Premiere below!
– Creating Life – The Importance of Art
– Telling our Indigenous Stories
– Our Future Worlds: Loss of Language, Climate Change

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The Premiere of Voices That Heal

April 21st @ 5:30pm

This is the most recent film from The Mysteries of the Andes, which features healing practices, the cosmovision and the native languages that are on the verge of extinction of 4 indigenous communities of the Peruvian rainforest.


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