March - May

Seeds of Memory Leadership Program

The purpose of the Seeds Program is to support local community members in reclaiming their identity; learning and reflecting on what it means to have reciprocity in our families, communities and in our leadership; and developing our relationship to Mother Earth. We built community with the first cohort of Seeders last fall, and we’re excited to welcome our second cohort this spring.

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With this training we hope to accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. To reclaim our relationship to Mother Earth, our ancestors and our community.
  2. To learn the ways of Ayni (Reciprocity), Minka (Collective Work), and Ayllu (Community).
  3. To learn from and understand cultures of reciprocity from local to global levels.
  4. To develop practices that increase reciprocity in our lifestyles.
  5. To build practices and grow our relationship with Mother Earth, our ancestors and our community locally.
  6. To provide a foundation and community based in reciprocity.

Key Details

Training Format:

Participants will engage in 9 weekly in-person meetings from March 2 – May 4, 2019. Six of those meetings will be around 3 hours long and the remaining 3 meetings will be full-day training sessions. Participants will be expected to attend every meeting date and engage in the assignments and readings for those sessions.

First we’ll go through a communal process of reclaiming our relationships with ourselves and our communities as we think critically and analyze the historical processes that have led to societal and individual issues that are present today. Then, we’ll develop practices rooted in indigenous wisdom that will connect us to the living world around us.  Finally, we will emerge as a new community and proceed towards developing our personal and communal practices of Reciprocal Leadership.


Section Dates Modules

Reclaiming Identity & Community

March 2 (Daylong) 1) Who are you? (The Fire Circle)

Our Identity and Stories that have defined us.


March 6 2) Sacred Code of Reciprocity

Understanding how reciprocity exists in nature and what reciprocity means to you.


March 13 3) Our Ancestral Memory 

Who are your People? Where do you come from? Understanding the relationship with your ancestors and finding stories of your people.


March 19 4) Our Relationship to Mother Earth (The Water Circle)

Ourselves in relationship to Mother Earth, and understanding our Ecological Legacy.


Practices of Reciprocity

March 30 (Daylong) 5) Cultures of Reciprocity and Reciprocal Lifestyle

Reciprocity on local and global levels. Generating reciprocity in your life with your family and community.


April 3 6) Sacred Rituals: Personal and Communal

How to engage in rituals and practices that bring you closer to community.


April 17 7) Sacred Rituals: Mother Earth

How to engage in rituals and practices that bring you closer to Mother Earth.  


April 30 8) Sacred Rituals: Ancestors

The work of the ancestors: how to engage in rituals and practices that bring you closer to your ancestors.


May 4 (Daylong) 9) Birth of a New Community

Making a Commitment to Mother Earth and each other. Forming teams and creating a new community.


Location: 2 Chelsea St. in East Boston, MA (near Maverick Square).

Start & Finish: Starts on Saturday, March 2nd and ends on Saturday, May 4th. The daylong sessions will be from 9:30am-7:00pm. The evening sessions will be from 5:30pm-8:30pm.