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If you need information about our training and workshops please email Carlos Saavedra at [email protected]

If you want to talk about collaborations or other projects we should be reaching out, email Rodrigo Saavedra at [email protected].

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“Our work is possible by the support and courage of many. Our small staff makes the most of the resources that we have to make projects come alive. Support the vision of Ayni, support a reciprocal world.”

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Thank you

We are only the gifts of all the people that have contributed to Ayni.

At the beginning there were the first believers of the institute. Special thanks to Lizeth Zorrilla, Carlos’s parents and Dushaw Hockett from SPACES. There were so many people that came to  our first training just in hope of learning something, without you this training would not have been possible.

Then the institute grew. We appreciate Kate Werning for her brilliant work with us and to Centro Presente for being our first fiscal sponsor who believed in us. Paul Engler came to the institute and expanded our horizon of what we can do. Thanks to him and the first Momentum core team (Belinda Rodriguez, Max Berger, Kate Werning), we were able to produce some amazing training experiences.

Then Lissy Romanow came in and created the space, resonance, and complexity to what we were trying to do. Her support led to  the change of our name from Movement Mastery to Ayni Institute and to development of the Long View training.

In our journey we also met the Relational Center, and we have learn a lot from them about the culture of the world. Thanks Cedar, Lucien and Mark.

Our latest phase included James Hayes and Apinya Pokachaiyapat‎, they have filled the institute with insights and brilliance, developing webinars series, putting together SWARM trainings, and being key supporters on the Movement Ecology project.

There have been many people that have contributed to Ayni over the years, we are grateful to all of them. Our next phase of contributors are Jose Huaman Turpo and Alejandrina Calancha in our quest to document the ancestral memory of the people of the Andes and the Amazon. Thanks to Rodrigo Saavedra for taking leadership in supporting those relationships and bringing a new set of   eyes to the Memory Wing of the Ayni Institute. We are also very excited to have Paul Engler and Sophie Lasoff who are working on some amazing movement research this year.

Lastly, we are only able to give what we have been given. Thanks to all of our parents, ancestors, cultures, and Mother Earth, for giving us the life and wisdom to continue weaving a reciprocal future.