Looking for a job with meaning?

We are the Ayni Institute

Our purpose is to support social movements, leaders, and institutions in increasing their strategic and organizational capacity in order to create a reciprocal world.

We train social movement & organizational leaders

We spent every year training hundreds of some of the most amazing leaders in social movement strategy, organizational development, community organizing, and historical analysis.

Some of our trainings include Social Movement Ecology, Momentum, SWARM: Decentralized Organization, the Long View (5,000 years of history in 6 days) and many others.

We are always learning

We spend significant amounts of resources in learning from other organizations, masters and historical periods that can bring us strategically closer to our goals.

We also develop materials based on our learnings in order to support many movements.

Check out our latest educational resource: Funding Social Movements Guide

About the Ayni Institute

We invest resources to develop the breakthroughs we need

We are always searching for talent and for projects that have little support. Since we started 6 years ago, we have already incubated a mass protest movement institute called Momentum, we have funded the first Latin American series of films of indigenous communities’ stories called The Mysteries of the Andes, and have supported many organizations like Movimiento Cosecha & Neighbors United for a Better East Boston.

Come help us search for the next breakthrough.

Current roles we are looking for:

The Ayni Institute is an educational and special projects organization that seeks to build a movement towards global reciprocity. We are an organization that is working class and majority people of color that believes in justice, community and reciprocity for the world.

Grounded in ancestral wisdom and practical social movement work, we support social movements through training and coaching so they can grow to scale and create meaningful impact. We also work with indigenous elders and leaders in Latin America to protect ancestral wisdom. Check out our Ayni page on Remembering to find out more.

We have been around for six years; here are some of our major accomplishments.

We are based in East Boston and have a shared office with other community organizations. We are looking for people that are respectful, relational and responsible.  

Operations & Fundraising Coordinator

Overview of Role:

The purpose of the Operations & Fundraising Coordinator is to create a strong operations system for the Institute and the many projects that we are currently fiscally sponsoring and supporting. This position will also support fundraising efforts, focusing primarily on grants.

This person will be working closely with our Operations Supervisor Apinya Pokachaiyapat, Ayni’s Director Carlos Saavedra and our Accountant Freddy Matute.


  • Create an operations system for the Institute that includes new revised staff guidelines and a new revised guide on financial protocols.
  • Coordinate our fiscal sponsorship efforts – we currently fiscally sponsor 2 organizations (Movimiento Cosecha, Neighbors United for a Better East Boston)
  • Coordinate Ayni’s Board of Directors (we only meet twice a year)
    • Includes: Board reports and communication
  • Co-coordinate our annual tax reports & audits with our Operations Supervisor
  • Build and maintain relationships with close philanthropic allies
  • Coordinate our grants and fundraising program


We are seeking someone who loves logistics; someone who is detail-oriented, organized, and precise; and can keep up with a team that wants to build infrastructure and strong systems.

The ideal candidate will be based in the Boston area or nearby.


Financial Support: Compensation is negotiable. Our current staff practices voluntary simplicity (needs-based compensation), which means that we look at the needs of our staff and pay them accordingly.

Emotional Support: We understand that we need community in order to work and be well. That is why we constantly look to support the emotional needs of all of our teammates. We have bi-monthly emotional support circles and are flexible in order to create a balance between work and personal well-being.

Leadership Support: Every member of the team is supported by a coach or mentor from inside or outside the organization in order to work on their leadership development. All Ayni staff has access to all of the Ayni training year long.

Application Process

Please submit a cover letter and a resume to Ayni Director – Carlos Saavedra at carlos@ayni.institute.

Download PDF - Operations & Fundraising Coordinator