Looking for a job with meaning?

We are the Ayni Institute

We are invested in supporting leaders and organizations that seek to build a world of reciprocity, where the dignity of all peoples and Mother Earth are respected.

We conduct research, create trainings, provide coaching and incubate projects.

We specialize in the areas of social movements and intergenerational Indigenous wisdom. Check out our online Ayni School and our Ayni page on Remembering to learn more.

We are rooted in the immigrant community and in the experiences of the Immigrant Rights Movement. We have been around for almost 10 years and are based in East Boston. We are looking for people that are respectful, relational and responsible.

Current roles we are looking for:

Ayni School Coordinator

Overview of Role

The purpose of the Ayni School Coordinator is to administer and manage the Ayni School platform in order to increase the accessibility and enrollment of the school’s courses and cohorts, through outreach campaigns and improvement of the school’s web design and technological features. After receiving training on the platform, the Ayni School Coordinator will work collaboratively with the Ayni Institute staff to ensure that objectives and metrics are reached. The coordinator will also receive leadership development and mentorship from the Ayni Team on an ongoing basis. This job is largely focused on coordination, outreach, and development, and less on training and facilitating, though there might be some limited opportunities for that as part of this role in the future. We also know and understand that job positions are aspirational, so we are committed to supporting and coaching you to be able to accomplish the key responsibilities.

This is a full time position, the general schedule will be approximately 35 hours per work week, and this may vary based on emerging needs, projects, hosting of events, and retreats.

For this position, it is required that the applicant is able to travel or commute to Boston and attend retreats and important events/team meetings.


  • Education: We are looking for someone who can strategize, absorb and synthesize content, create educational materials, and can understand complex theories and how to integrate them into our work. We are also looking for people with a passion for learning. While we prefer some educational experience, there are no minimum school requirements for this position.
  • Groundedness or rootedness in community issues & social justice work or service/volunteer work providing for underserved communities.
  • Someone who is flexible and understands that roles and responsibilities are flexible and constantly changing due to emerging and shifting needs within the organization. We value people who are problem solvers and can change and adapt to address these emerging needs.
  • Willingness to learn and be mentored in coordination, facilitation, skills, outreach, management, and leadership development.
  • Open to communicating with large audiences and outreaching to individuals and organizations through phone, email, in-person, and social media.
  • Ability to create and analyze financial metrics that are pertinent to the Ayni School and a capacity to create budgets per project. While we prefer this trait, it is not a requirement so long as you are willing to be mentored and learn how to do this.
  • Feels comfortable learning how to work with technological systems and self-directed troubleshooting.
  • Familiarity with or open to learning about digital advertising, outreach, and promotion campaigns.

Required Skills

  • Computer Skills
    • Google Suite (Gmail, Documents, Spreadsheets)
    • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
    • Email Marketing Preferred (Mailchimp or other email marketing)
    • Website Builder Experience Preferred (Any – WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify)
  • Basic Graphic Design preferred (Canva or Photoshop)
  • Oral and written communication
  • Project Management (Campaigns, Programs, Deliverables)
  • Teamwork (Leading or working in teams)
  • Experience with Self-Management (time-management, problem-solving, organization, decision making, self-motivation, resourcefulness)


Compensation for the Ayni School Coordinator position varies according to personal needs and is negotiable.

Application Procedure

Submit your resume and cover letter via email to rodrigo@ayni.institute. Resume and cover letters accepted in a rolling basis. Position will remain open until filled.

Download PDF - Ayni School Coordinator