This training is part of us looking at the world through a longer view, where everything is connected and in relationship with one another, and of being able to project our creative gaze forward in a harmonious manner.

We are in a battle of values. On one side is a story about the ongoing process of accumulation that seeks to make all individuals believe that a person is only here for one’s self. We are working to uncover the true story on the other side – the story of community, reciprocity, and collective work – which has existed for thousands of years.

Colonialism attempts to make us forget our connection with our roots and memory, which is why it is imperative for us to dig deep into our rich legacy of belonging to tribes, and our connection with the multiplicity of species that live on earth. Here at the Ayni Institute we believe that Memory is alive and that instead of speaking in words, it speaks in the language of symbols. That’s why learning about semiotics and Andean design means learning about the roots of our cosmovision (way of viewing life or worldview), culture and values, and how to apply them creatively in a contemporary intercultural context.

Southern Cross in the sky

Basic Training Information

What: Spend 6 days focused on Andean Cosmovision & Design with Zadir Milla Euribe. Zadir is an author, designer and teacher specializing in applied Andean semiotics (study of signs and symbols). Come and deepen your understanding of what is Andean and apply what you learn with the guidance of a teacher.

When: September 1-6, 2018

Where: East Boston, MA

Cost: $500 (Scholarships available: apply here)

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Opening up Memory

Through these 6 days we will be sharing a perspective and practices to open up the memory of the history and ancestral wisdom of the Andes and the continent. We’ll introduce ourselves through the Andean cosmovision and we’ll understand how, through their design, their values have endured across millenia and until today. You’ll learn to see signs and symbols in various art forms and nature. Finally, awakening the creator in us, as artists, designers, community/organizational leaders, architects, engineers, teachers, etc. we will be able to apply these visual languages through patterns we’ll learn with the guidance of Zadir.

Our stories have not been erased; our indigenous communities across the world are still here and within us. By being in relationship with them, we can begin to remember who we truly are.

Workshops include:

  • Andean cosmovision, wisdom & spirituality.
  • Semiotics of Andean design, including a methodology of applied analysis.
  • Andean Toqapu geometry and design, including iconographic processes and applications.

What is Andean Design?

It’s a way of organizing meaning and significance, which is present in the qellcas or special spatial and symbolic codes of the peoples of the Andes (coast, sierra and jungle) in particular, and of indigenous America in general. It is based on a holistic and inclusive view of reality. You can see it expressed in various manifestations and languages including in the cosmovision (way of viewing life or worldview), sacred geometry, organization, communication, graphics, arts, architecture and other socio-cultural integrative forms.

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