November 10-14

Amazonian Cosmovision & Healing Training

Our 5-day Amazonian Cosmovision & Healing training with Alberto Manqueriapa Vitente.

Alberto is the healer and previous chief of the Native Community of Santa Rosa de Huacaria in the Peruvian Amazon. He has been the healer of the community for decades and has extensive knowledge in the usage of 2,000 medicinal plants, including ayahuasca.

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From Nov. 10-14th we’re bringing back our teacher Alberto Manqueriapa for a training on Amazonian Healing & Worldview.Come learn from Alberto and join us for 5 days of teachings, rituals, guidance, and healing. Fill out the interest form here:

Posted by Ayni Institute on Friday, September 21, 2018


Through these 5 days we want to support participants in developing their skill set as natural healers, with a focus on understanding the Amazonian cosmovision and healing practices. This includes learning how healers interpret the universe and the different levels in a human body, and how we can heal with elements and medicine in our surroundings.

Workshops include:

  • Amazonian Cosmovision: how does the Amazonian healer interpret the universe?
  • Amazonian Healing: the evolution of Amazonian healing & medicine across time
  • Amazonian Ceremonies: using elements (water, fire, wind, etc.) to heal
  • Wachiperi Medicine: Eshuwa chants for healing
  • Machiguenga Medicine: plants for healing
  • Group healing sessions

Key Details

Training Format:

Participants will be in small groups and in large plenary sessions. Sessions will run from the morning and into the evening (some sessions are better done at night, while others during the day).

Criteria for Participation:

Participants are expected to participate during all 5 days and to be ready and willing to learn from Alberto and the supporting facilitators. We will only accept 20 participants for this training, so apply now.


Location: 50 Maverick Sq. Flr #2, East Boston, MA 02128 (entrance around the corner from the restaurant, on Chelsea St.) From there, we will also go to sites nearby to do ceremonies and learning in nature. We will provide breakfast and lunch for the training and we will look for hosts for lodging, but we can’t guarantee we’ll find you housing.

Start & Finish: Starts on Saturday, November 10th and ends on Wednesday, November 14th.


We want to support all kinds of people to attend this training regardless of their financial needs. The cost per person to do this training is $500, which will cover what is needed to pull off this training. We will have partial scholarships available and you can find the application for that here.

If you want to sponsor participants or support this training financially, please email [email protected].